BEST vol 4

10.00 Registration
Session I
1. Lacrimal duct obstruction: the role of endocanalicular surgery- Ulrich Schaudig, 30min
2. Endoscopic transnasal DCR- Kadi Palumaa, 15min
3. Ectropion- Andrius Ruzgys, 15min
4. Fungal keratitis. Challenging cases- Almantas Makselis, 15min
5. Anatomical approach to eyelid reconstruction- Ulrich Schaudig, 30min
13.00-14.00 Lunch
Session II
6. Endothelian transplantation- Artur Klett, 15min
7. Limbal relaxing incisions- Andres Külama, 15min
8. Deposition on surface of hydrophilic IOL- Alex Kree, 15min
9. How does NVG respond to GDI surgery?- Marko Pastak, 15min
10. Collagen implant vs MMC in glaucoma filtrative surgery- Kuldar Kaljurand, 15min
11. Tubes – number one in glaucoma surgery?- Juha Välimäki 30min
19.00 Dinner
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